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STEFANO DiMATTEO  is a force of nature who will  EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE & EMBRACE the needs of his audience. He will ask them to question and define their own personal reality and learn to appreciate the beauty that lives in all of us.

STEFANO speaks to the core of what makes us all whole. He illuminates his youthful audience with his real world approach and boundless energy, utilizing a unique set of skills & techniques he has honed as professional actor over a 20 year span. Stefano demonstrates for his audience how a few small changes to our everyday routine can change our lives forever. 


I began speaking when a friend of the family who runs religious retreats for high school’s, asked me to come out a retreat & to talk to the teens. My first reaction, "yah right", me at a religious retreat – I’m an actor what can I speak to these kids about that will make them want to listen.


She explained to me that from time to time she would bring in guest artists to talk to these kids about the importance of listening and connecting to one’s self.  How religious retreats had gotten stale and flat and that more and more kids were tuning out all the great lessons they were trying to instill. It was at that moment that a voice rang clear in my ear – “Above all else, to thyne own self be true.” (Polonius – Hamlet).


I realized that we all respond quickly to truth, even if we may not like what that truth is speaking to us about, we still respond to it in a very visceral way. Like a cold shower – it wakes us up and we start paying attention very quickly. Whether we reject it at first or hear it clear as a whistle - it does something to our being, and motivates us in one direction or another. I seek to be that cold shower. To empower those longing for something more than what they have been told they can have.  To encourage them to embrace their true beauty and true self.

After years of mentoring students one on one as private coach, it was at my first speaking engagement in front of a group of highschool students where I realized my calling could benefit so many more than just myself. And after having spent much of my early adult life living a selfish superficial existence, its refreshing to be comfortable in my own skin. To be able to  say to the world, "I am, enough".  

I have been working in the Entertainment Industry for the last 20 years, as actor, speaker, instructor, director, writer, artist, producer and entrepreneur – that’s a bit of mouthful huh? To say I have many interests and passions would be an understatement, to say that I am any different than you, would be a mistake of epic proportions.  We all have our interests and our passions… the key is to find them and unleash them on the world.

"Above all else, to thyne own self be true."



“The voice of this generation is angry – looking for the why’s to all the answers being tossed around by their teachers, their leaders and their prophets. The spinning isn’t stopping, the world is lost in illusion kept quite by the silent humming of the master, quelling their spirit and igniting their fear in an artful decadent disastrous chaos – don’t mind us, we're just living here. Your decisions have consequences. Your thoughts have actions. We are the casualties of your callousness, your arrogance, and desire to own everything and your ruling to understand nothing – don’t mind us, we're just living here.”

SD. 05/27/16

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 'Today is the Tomorrow you dreamed about Yesterday."

Tel: 416-670-5601

28 Roytec Rd.

Vauhan, On L4l

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