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My name is Stefano DiMatteo

Some one told me a long time ago, that we are all called to do something special on this planet we call our home, only they forgot to explain to me how hard you have to listen to hear it.


There are the lucky few that have a clear picture of what that calling is at a very young age, and if they are fortunate enough, they are surrounded by people who help support that calling, who encourage it and empower them to follow it. Most however, like myself, get caught up by the attractions of the day and get lost in our own self-aggrandizement and illusionary self, that we simply are to busy or too distracted, to pay attention to something that has been calling us almost since our birth.


I have walked down many a lonely road in search of that voice. Sometimes finding myself in some very interesting parts of the world looking down long dark alleys hoping to find a light.  It wasn’t until a near fatal car accident when I was 27 yrs. old, followed by 6 months of recovery laying on my back staring at the ceiling, that finally I had a chance to start listening to the voice that had been calling to me all my life.


The quiet of that moment had a way of providing a clarity of vision for me to see through all the noise. I began telling myself that my job was not done, and that I was not going to let some accident derail what I had started years earlier. I realized the path I had been walking was not intentional and that I had allowed others to sway me in my thoughts and in my actions. I was going to start taking responsibility for who and what I was to become. Failure was no longer an option.                

I have been working in the Entertainment Industry for the last 20 years, as actor, speaker, instructor, director, writer, artist, producer and entrepreneur – that’s a bit of mouthful huh? To say I have many interests and passions would be an understatement, to say that I am any different than you, would be a mistake of epic proportions.  We all have our interests and our passions… the key is to find them and unleash them on the world.



"Today, is the Tomorrow you dreamed about Yesterday."



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